About Us

GAT International Co.,Ltd have been active in the MICE and exhibition industry for over 23 years and over 100 events held domestically and internationally for worldwide customers.

Founded in 1998, GAT International Co.,Ltd have been active in the MICE and exhibition industry for over 23 years and over 100 events held domestically and internationally for worldwide customers, with our goal of not only producing quality events but also creating valued customer values. With the support and help from numerous customers including corporate, government, bureau, association, and private organizations, we believe that we have learnt how to deliver the satisfaction our clients expected of us and had successfully delivered it with our utmost professionalism. In these modern times, with the rapid advancement of technology, we are a capable and qualified team utilizing the advantages of the latest technology to serve you the most benefits and achieve your purpose by the end of the day.

Our Values

We are your
trusted partner

GAT takes pride in our values we set, with each deriving from the three letters of our company’s name.


We guarantee our clients the best services and results from our workforce and employing our contacts and networks to deliver what our clients desire for their full benefit with comprehensive clarity and transparency in our work – with the belief put moral effort in our core value and profession.



Our pride and prestige to deliver our clients the most authentic activities and events with focuses on the main purpose and originality of each event itself. Our target is to achieve the authenticity to suit our clients’ purposes.


We do not stop at only here even when our goals have been reached, we strive to transcend our current selves for a better version of ourselves. With the power of creativity – we learn and mature alongside the global transitioning of the shift in economy, society, and the world.

We believe in the power of these values that makes us unique from others. Our strategy and creativity help us enhance our performances and the way we strive forward, efficiently, and effectively. Thus, granting us the cornerstone used to transform your goals and messages into authenticity, through experience-based solutions and essential insights.

Our Shows

SETA (Sustainable Energy Technology Asia)

The most well-known and our flagship event: SETA (also known as Sustainable Energy Technology Asia) was established in 2015 with the main aim of being the premier energy show in Asia, had succeeded among stakeholders to become the foremost energy platform in the Asia region, especially ASEAN. With the engagements with all kinds of energy guru, industry peers to encourage and increase awareness in the energy field and bringing the cutting-edge technology across the globe to transfer the know-hows and wisdom to the entirety of the region. With the long-haul journey since 2015, SETA has served its purpose and welcome all energy-aware-individuals to join this journey with us to a future of new energy, please visit www.setaasia.com.

Solar+Storage Expo 2022

Solar+Storage Expo 2022 establishes itself as the gateway to the rapid uptake of the clean energy market, addressing all energy concerns highlighted at the COP26, including global carbon reduction. It is now time to look further ahead with new focus on energy storage, diversifying grid, and increasing electricity demand, helping to achieve economic and climate goals. Solar and Energy Storage can create a huge business opportunity ensuring each other’s long-term success and expand the potential in this growing market.
visit for more information at www.solarstorageasia.com

Our Partners

Clarion Events

In the upcoming year of 2022, SETA2022 will collaborate with one of the premier events in Asia, Enlit Asia (recent amalgamation of POWERGEN Asia and Asian Utility Week) established by Clarion Events, to deliver the most recent news and advancements in the Energy Industry during the periods of the pandemic – COVID-19, for all delegates to finally experience and obtain the most out of this once-in-a-lifetime union event within Asia in-person. www.clarionevents.com

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